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Abstracts will be sent until June 15th, 2017 using ONE of the following methods:

• the “Send Abstract” form (click to access the form). This is the recommended method for submitting your abstract.
• as an attachment sent by e-mail to [email protected]

Only papers that were never presented or published are accepted. At least one of the paper’s authors must be registered as participant. Authors are fully responsible for the content of their paper.

It is mandatory to send your abstract both in Romanian and English.

The Scientific Committee can accept or reject the proposed papers. It’s members will also select the form of presentation for the accepted papers: oral presentations or printed posters.
Each participant submitting an accepted abstract will receive an electronic “Letter of Acceptance” after September 22, 2016 on the e-mail address they provided during registration. The letter will also specify the form of presentation for each paper submitted.

There are two forms of presentation available: oral presentations and printed posters.
For orally presented papers the organizers will make available a video projector and a PC with Microsoft’s PowerPoint ’97-2010, PowerPoint XP and PowerPoint 2013, Keynote.
Printed Posters: maximum available size 90×120 cm (portrait layout).

For abstracts submitted using the web form please use the instructions listed there.
For abstracts sent by e-mail, please use the following guidelines :
– maximum size: 250 words;
– language: English;
– do not use paragraphs or indentations;
– do not use any formatting settings.

The abstract must contain:
– a title followed by an empty line. The Title cannot be longer that 200 characters (including spaces);
– the authors, written in one line: initials, followed by name (please do not use any professional or academic titles). The name of the presenting author will be underlined. Please leave an empty line after the authors line;
– affiliation (department, medical institution, city, country) for all authors, followed by an empty line;
– 3 keywords on a distinctive line;
– the content of the abstract, with the following sections: Introduction, Material and method(s), Results, Conclusions. The content must contain enough information to justify the conclusion.

Please do not insert graphic elements or table in the abstract.
All abbreviations will be explained at their first use in text.